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Rachael Milor

Having worked and travelled overseas for the majority of the last decade Rachael has recently returned to the North East.

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Rachael initially comes from a background in marine research & conservation, with a masters in coastal management.

She moved into the field of Permaculture in 2013; hosting festivals and courses both locally here in the North East, getting as far north as Orkney, where she spent several years working on local projects aimed at increasing tree coverage, safeguarding natural water systems and increasing food security.

She has a keen interest in exploring an array of alternative technologies & systems to address how we meet our (energy,water,food and housing) needs on a low impact, local and sustainable scale.

Rachael currently utilises permaculture principles to work alongside individuals and communities alike to create organic food growing systems with a focus on holistic health of individual and system alike- She is enthusiastic and passionate about LWNE’s dedication to creating and improving woodlands across the North East.

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