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our mission statement

Living Woods North East is a Community Interest Company dedicated to creating and improving woodlands in the North East England through;

  1. Helping to bring back native woodland to the North East of England
  2. Facilitating the reconnection of people and woodland through workshops, planting days and art projects
  3. Taking a joined up approach to woodland management and the many practical applications a woodland provides

Bringing Back Native Woodland to the North East

Native woodland supports a rich tapestry of plant and animal species, helps to sequester carbon, and provides us with inspiring habitats which feed the imagination and ease the stress of our busy lives. Our country was once covered in old forest, and whilst it would be unrealistic and impractical to cover Britain in trees, we believe that restoring some of our lost forests would provide invaluable cultural benefits for ourselves and future generations.

Facilitating reconnection between people and nature

Industrial and technological development has provided us with countless benefits. Those same developments have also brought about significant climate change, the sixth greatest mass extinction period in the history of the planet, and a growing sense of disconnection, or distance, between us and the natural world of forests, mountains, rivers, and the creatures who dwell there. Living Woods North East will to help encourage the reconnection between people and the rest of nature through workshops, planting days, forest walks and place-specific arts projects.

Taking a joined up approach to woodland management and the many practical applications a woodland provides

Woodlands can provide an enormous diversity of gifts: timber to construct inspiring homes, fresh fruit, herbs, vegetables, nuts and mushrooms, wood for art, for making tools, for fuel..the list goes on. How can we manage our woodlands in ways which help them to flourish whilst providing materials that help us live and enrich our lives? Living Woods North East aims to explore this question through the application of Permaculture and Sustainable Woodland Management.

If you feel strongly about the need for more trees then volunteering not only is incredibly useful but it gives you a great feeling of purpose and doing something that is truly good for generations to come. I highly recomend giving up some of your time.